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Aerowings: Works fine, looks pretty good (thx lenselijer)<br>

Aerowings 2: Works fine, looks pretty good though not perfect, wierd text errors (thx lenselijer)<br>

Airforce Delta: graphics on half the screen <br>

Angel Present: works great (thx yop)<br>

Army men: Works fast, but ingame is pretty buggy. Sometimes your character disappears. Use the old gfx version of chankast to get ingame graphics (thx lenselijer)<br>

Biohazard Code Veronica Complete (J): Works fine, no sound randomly, gfx problems after playing after while (thx AbracadabrA)<br>

Black Matrix (J): Works, has the half screen problem though, works ok (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Blue Submarine No 6: Seems to work well (thx Rcgamer)<br>

Bomber Hehe (J): Works, menus are invisible (Thx Shadowclone)<br>

Border Down: Works almost perfectly, may crash after level 1 (Thx Wovou & Turbohao2)<br>

Bounty Hunter Sarah - Holy Mountain no Teiou (J): Works, Minor sound glitches (thx CrazyYatta)<br>

Buggy heat: menus are scrambled, but ingame is nice! (Thx lenselijer)<br>

Cannon Spike: Works, near perfect in game, some errors in textures/menus, seems to crash after level 2 for me. Use chankast 0.2a for this<br>

Capcom vs SNK: works, almost perfect, slower in menus, full speed in game (Note: Music doesn't work)<br>

Capcom vs SNK Pro: Works full speed, almost pefect, apart from character portrait while fighting is misplaced see above for more info (Thx suronosuke)<br>

Capcom vs SNK 2 (J): Works, minor glitches (slow loading) it is also slower on the rotating level (Added by myself & DuDe) Pic<br>

Charge N' Blast: Runs perfectly, apart from the sound effects, may give you an I/O error, but still works (thx lenselijer)<br>

Chu Chu Rocket (Kalisto)(U): Works flawlessly, no music, entriely playable (thx brymaster)<br>

Cleopatra Fortune (J): works great (thx yop)<br>

Coaster Works: Works great, but the building screen is messed up, all 4 views go trough each other, but it is not that bad, it's very usable (thx Mad Boy)<br>

Confidential Mission: Works, almost perfectly (a few transparracy issues) use original emu version Pic<br>

Cool Boarders: Works, no other info (thx duk)<br>

Cool cool toon (J): Works, has sound looping problems (thx sabrespectre)<br>

Cosmic Smash<br>

Crazy Taxi<br>

Crazy Taxi 2<br>

Dave Mirra Free Style BMX<br>

Daytona USA 2001<br>

Dead or Alive 2<br>

Dead or Alive 2 LE (J): Working, see info here http://emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=21191&page=3&pp=15 use 0.2a for this<br>

Demolition Racer: Works fine, with no graphical errors, a little slow in game<br>

Digi Charat Fantasy (J): works, near perfect (thx Wovou)<br>

Dino Crisis: Works, almost pefect, speed is very fast too (thx yop)<br>

Disney Magical Racing: Works fine, with minor graphics errors, adventure mode gives IO errors though (thx yop)<br>

Disney's Dinosaur: works perfect, and fast! (thx lenselijer)<br>

Donald duck quack attack: Works perfect, full speed, minor graphic glitches, use normal chankast version (thx lenselijer)<br>

Dragonriders - Chronicles of Pern: Works perfect. A little slow at times (thx CrazyYatta)<br>

Dreamcast Puzzle Pack - 8 in 1: All 8 games works great (thx yop)<br>

Dreamcast Shooters Pack - 4 in 1: Works great, the 4 games work (thx yop)<br>

Dream Passport 3: Works, 3 Functions Available (From dc++ list)<br>

Dynamite Cop: Works, very playable (thx giu)<br>

Ecco The Dolphin: Works, recommended for use with chankast 0.2 old gfx (thx brainiac)<br>

Eldorado Gate: Works, fully playable (thx Wovou)<br>

ESPN International Track&Field: Works great (thx yop)<br>

Evolution: Works with slight graphics errors (thx RCGamer)<br>

Evolution 2: Works, takes longer after you get past the boot screens to start. just wait a few seconds and it will start. minor graphics errors.<br>

Attached Images (thx RCGamer)<br>

Evil Dead - Return to the king: Looks almost perfect, except the bad guys are partly invisible and the background sound keeps getting looped<br>

Exibition of speed: Works (From zouipe sof's Post)<br>

Fighting Force 2: Works, Good video, bad sound (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Fighting vipers 2: works, but the menusfe bar doens't Pic<br>

Fire pro wrestling D (J): Works, graphics errors, try capcom version (Thx waan2k)<br>

Frame Gride: Works (From dc++ list)<br>

Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge: Works perfectly, full speed too<br>

Fur Fighters: Works, but with many glitches (thx rcgamer)<br>

Garou - Mark of the Wolves (J): Works flawless but slow (thx ScHlAuChi)<br>

Gameshark CDR: Works, unknown of cd-swap compatability though<br>

Giant Gram 2000: Works, almost perfectly from the screens, sound has problems though (thx JKidd)<br>

Gigawing: Works fine with the capcom version of the emu (thx lenselijer)<br>

Gigawing 2: Works fine with the capcom version of the emu (thx lenselijer)<br>

Godzilla Generations: Works, with bearly any graphic issues (thx KMFDManic)<br>

Guilty Gear X: Full speed, graphics are almost perfect, runs with no music (CDDA not supported), also seems to close the emu when i win a round<br>

Gunbird 2: Works, but only in a small screen, with minor graphic issues (use capcom option) (thx lenselijer)<br>

Gundamn Battle Online (J): Works fine, enable Zwrite when playing, or a lot of the HUD/text isn't visible (thx posty_2k3)<br>

Gundam: Renpou vs Zeon DX (J): Works with some 2d graphics problems<br>

Grandia 2: Works fine so far, sound is really good so far. use z-write for graphics wich look great (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Crashes after completing 1 or 2 missions (thx gcnfan)<br>

Gundam: Sidestory 0079: Works fine, some graphical errors, but very playable (thx lenselijer)<br>

Headhunter (Repack): Works full speed no sfx, won't crash when I reach the door but after that gfx will be corrupted (thx AbracadabrA)<br>

Heavy Metal Geomatrix: works but graphical glitches ingame (Added from Wovou's post)<br>

House of the Dead 2 (U/E): Works amost perfectly, but the jap version doesn't<br>

Hydro Thunder: Works, pretty good video, no sound (thx rcgamer)<br>

Ikaruga : Works full speed, minor graphical glitches in the menus (thx DuDe) Pic<br>

Illbleed (U): Works, only small errors on game menus (thx Ep8r1dge)<br>

Incoming: Works with very minor glitches (thx A-F)<br>

Industrial Spy: Works fine, split screen is messed up though, it can be played by browsing the map (start)<br>

J-League Spectacle Soccer: Runs really really fast in the menu 175fps, sound is good, when a match starts the game runs at normal speed and it's basically fully playable (thx AKS)<br>

Jet Coaster Dream 2: Works flawlessly <br>

Jet Grind Radio: Works almost perfectly on my PC, full speed and perfect sound, big graffiti doesn't work though for some people Pic<br>

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Works, but squashes the whole game screen into the top half of the emulator screen (thx rcgamer)<br>

Kao the kangaroo: Works with slight graphic errors & sound errors (thx Grant64)<br>

Kanon: Fully playable (thx steamover)<br>

King of fighters '99 Evolution (J): Works fine, graphics are about half the size though<br>

King of fighters 2000 (J): Works, quite slow in battle though<br>

King of fighters 2001 (J): Works, quite slow in battle though<br>

King of fighters 2002 (J): Works, quite slow in battle though<br>

King of Fighters Collection (J): Works, quite slow in battle though<br>

Last Blade 2: Works but screensize is 1/4 (thx ScHlAuChi)<br>

Legacy of Kahn - Soul Reaver: Runs ingame ok, some odd texture effects like the portal symbols appearing fragmented on steps,walls, everywhere, etc. Some missing sound effects (thx Phreaky)<br>

Looney Tunes - Space Race: Works, doesnt crash now, but all the characters are yellow very odd, should be playable now though (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Love Hina: Runs almost perfect, text errors (Added from steamover's post)<br>

Love Hina 2 (J): Runs perfectly, and full speed<br>

Macross m3 works: Runs ok. looks like it needs fog or something (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Marvel vs capcom: Works perfect, and fullspeed! (thx lenselijer)<br>

Marvel vs capcom 2: Works, almost perfectly apart from layer issues, full speed too, crash reports have been made, so be aware (thx Sodders) Pic<br>

MDK 2: Runs perfectly, apart from sniper sight<br>

Metropolis Street Racer (E): almost perfect in game (but the menus have GFX errors)(Added from PsyMan's Post)<br>

Metropolis Street Racer - Opel Challenge: Works (thx Grant64)<br>

Millenium Soldier Expendable: Works perfectly<br>

Mobile Suit Gundam - Federation vs Zeon: Works Great With No Graphical Errors, But is slow (thx ProjectX)<br>

Mortal Kombat Gold: Works fine, graphics are fine and so is the speed, sound doesn't work though<br>

Mr. Driller: Works perfectly<br>

Ms. Pacman - Maze Madness: Works great (thx yop)<br>

My Merry may: Works great (thx yop)<br>

My Tennis Life: Works (DC++ list)<br>

Namco Museum: Works, may be too fast, change the cpu speed to a higher number fix (thx Mad boy)<br>

Napple Tale-Arsia in Daydream (J): Works, and is playable, use z write (thx giu)<br>

Nasubi No Heya (J): Works fine (thx yop)<br>

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami Rei Ikusei Keikaku: Fully playable with sprite transparency problems (thx steamover)<br>

Omikron, The Nomad Soul: fully playable, lots of glitches, if you want to see all the screen, you'll need to resize the chankast window before launching "RUN GD-ROM" and you'll have a screen like 16/9, otherwise you'll see only half of the screen (thx yop)<br>

Phantasy Star Online: Works almost perfectly on an ATI card, GeForce owners use wireframe mode, seems to be the same in 0.2 too, is faster though<br>

Phantasy Star Online ver. 2: See above, but use Zwrites and Alpha Z Writes on for best performance (thx Refraction)<br>

Pod 2 - Planet of Death: Works, invisible main screen but works perfect ingame with old gfx (thx ScHlAuChi)<br>

Power Stone: Works, May crash after round (Added from rcgamer's & SJR's post) Pic<br>

Power Stone 2: Works with some glitches (character select screen), and may crash at a boss (thx ArcaneLore)<br>

Project Justice (Rival schools 2): Works, almost full speed, may crash after 1st round (thx foxhound) Pic<br>

Psychic Force 2012: Use both alpha and zwrite options. artifacts in game but playable w/ good sound (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Psyvariar 2: Works, fully playable, has some menu issues, crashes when you die (Thx Wovou)<br>

Puyo Pop Fever: Works perfectly (thx Wovou)<br>

Puyo Poyo 4: Works, graphical glitches in the menus (Added from from Wovou's post)<br>

Quiz Oh! My Goddess: Works perfect (from dc++ list)<br>

Rainbow Cotton (J): Works, use z-write and alpha test z-write. looks and sounds pretty good (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Ready 2 Rumble: Works, almost perfect in 0.25, but no sound apart from in FMVS (thx Ray16)<br>

Ready 2 Rumble Round 2: same as above (from dc++ list)<br>

Record of Lodoss War: Works, minor graphical glitches - hangs after a while (thx ScHlAuChi)<br>
Red Dog: Works perfect, sound problems (from dc++ list)<br>

Rent a Hero No.1: Functions perfect, some graphic problems, use 0.1 (from dc++ list)<br>

Resident Evil Code Veronica (U): Works full speed with nearly no graphics errors (only inventory icons), sound seems to die at random times, restart emu to fix, may die at random times Pic<br>

Resident Evil Code Veronica (S): See above<br>

Revolver: Works (Dcemu)<br>

Revolt: No sound in game, minor sound problems (thx Waan2k)<br>

Rez: Works, with minor graphical glitches, endgame seems to put emulator in a continuous loop (thx Waan2k & Klesk24)<br>

Rippin' Riders (U): Works, with some graphic errors and some sound probs (thx CrazyYatta)<br>

Romance of the Kingdoms 4 (J): Works, runs at 55/60 fps most of the time with very few GFX glitches are in it (thx posty_2k3)<br>

Roommania #203(J): Works at a good speed, menus are invisible, try the original chanka (Thx Shadowclone)<br>

RPG Maker: Works, and should be full speed (From Waan2k's post)<br>

Sakura Momoko Gekijou - Kojikoji (J): Works fine. Playable. Although, i belive that picture of the Mic with a cross through it means theirs a mic feature that you won't be able to use (thx CrazyYatta)<br>

Samba de amigo (All versions): Works, full speed, with bearly any issues<br>

ScummVM 0.2.0: graphics are flashing, the rest its perfect (thx lenselijer)<br>

Segagaga (J): Works very well. The music is messed up though, and the videos run a little jumpy. Other than that, perfect (thx SegaGamer)<br>

Segagen Genesis emulator (Obsidian): Works almost perfectly apart from no sound, speed is slow in game though<br>

Sega Bass Fishing 2: Seems to work with no gfx problems in game, may be slow, use original chankast (thx brucelee & lenselijer)<br>

Sega GT: Works, When it seems like its frozen on a black screen, keep on hitting + and - on the keypad CONTINUOUSLY. This will make it go past the load screens and menus, but once it displays and fmv or a hint of 3d, it runs full speed, and graphics look almost perfect too (thx posty_2k3)<br>

Sega GT Homologation Special (J): See above<br>

Sega Marine Fishing: Works perfectly and full speed ingame, but the main menu is invisible<br>

Sega Memory card disk utility: Works (thx rcgamer)<br>

Sega Smash Pack: Works almost perfectly, may be a bit slow though, virtual cop doesn't work (thx lenselijer & Mad Boy)<br>

Sega Tetris (J): Works almost perfectly and full speed, music doesn't work, and player 1's background is messed up, other than that its fine<br>

Seventh Mansion (J): Works, and emu speed is good. Movies in game are only displayed in half the screen screen. Full screen playing in game action, but graphics errors are terrible, you cannot see very far (thx Divx Man)<br>

Shadowman: Works, the cut scenes and sound don't seem to work, other than that, the graphics seem ok and also does the speed (thx galning) <br>

Shenmue: Works almost perfectly, use zwrite and alpha test zwrite, NOTE: The arcade games close the emulator, black screen when you save mark from the mad angels in disc 3 (thx micielk)<br>

Shenmue 2 (E): Works, slow,sfx is not completely emulated (thx AbracadabrA)<br>

Shikigami no shiro 2: Works, seems to work perfectly from the screenshots (thx rcgamer)<br>

Silent Scope (U): Works almost perfectly, apart from the cursor is messed up, full speed though<br>

Skies of arcadia (NOT the elchelon rip): Works fine, full speed and very little graphics errors, may crash in the inventory screen<br>

Snow Surfers: Works, with some graphic errors and some sound probs<br>

Sonic Adventure: Works with minor glitches that are Un-Noticeable, may crash at mystic ruins (thx gcnfan, ProjectX & Mad Boy)<br>

Sonic Adventue 2: Works, has some 2D errors, may crash after 1st level, Nvidia users (like me) see nothing but a blue screen ingame<br>

Soul Calibur: Works almost perfectly, vs screen is a little glitchy, but other than that it works perfectly, full speed too<br>

Soul Fighter: Very playable, only some minor graphical errors in the background (thx lenselijer)<br>

Space Channel 5 part 1: Almost flawless, runs at full speed, perfect sound, the only thing I see wrong is a slightly transparent texture on Ulala's head (thx Hexidecimal)<br>

Space Channel 5 Part 2: Runs perfect, just slow with cilppy sound (thx Hexidecimal)<br>

Spawn: Works nicely, 2 player split screen isn't working and keeps on looping a sound effect, other than that it works fine and is full speed<br>

Speed Devils: Works, but you cant see the ingame menus(tried both versions) And there is a little controll problem with my analog stick, when i change the direction the camera changes too. (thx R00ster)<br>

Spiderman: Works flawlessly (thx Xbox & clitoris)<br>

Star Wars: Jedi power battles: Works fine (thx lenselijer)<br>

Street fighter 3 Third Strike: Works, with minor glitches. Sound does cut out sometimes but as with previous game a pause and un-pause (thx suronosuke) Pic<br>

Street Fighter Alpha 3: Works, roumoured to crash after several minutes (thx DavIng & to a french emu forum)<br>

Stunt GP: Works around 40fps, near perfect, the screen where you buy parts for your car is totally messed up (Thx Wovou, Mad Boy & spaffdog)

level (Added from gcnfan's post)<br>

Star Wars Demolition (U): Works in 0.1 (dc++ list)<br>

Super Magnetic Neo: Works, some graphical glitches (dc++ list)<br>

Super Puzzle Fighter II X (J): Works perfectly and full speed apart from the background errors in-game Pic<br>

Super Street Fighter II X (J): Works, fully playable at a high framerate. Only minor graphic bugs, 0.1 is recommended for this game (thx refraction)<br>

Surf rocket racers: Playable, some graphic errors, runs at about 15fps for me, use normal chankast (thx lenselijer)<br>

Suzuki alstare extreme racing: Works, around 30FPS, graphics are almost perfect (Thx spaffdog)<br>

Sword of the Berserk - Guts Rage (U): Works, minor glitches in 2d (thx yop)<br>

Tako no marine 2 (J): Works (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Tee off: Works fine, graphics seem perfect from screenshot (thx lenselijer)<br>

Tech Romancer: Works, but the sound is messed up in the battle (thx Orchus)<br>

Test drive 6: Works fine (thx RC Gamer)<br>

Test Drive V-Rally: Works perfectly and full speed (thx picolo)<br>

Tetris Online: Works fine! (thx lenselijer)<br>

The Grinch: sound doesnt work, some graphics errors, but very playable (thx lenselijer)<br>

Tokyo Bus Guide: Works with some errors in the menu's (thx yop)<br>

Tokyo Xtreme racer 2: Runs well ingame, sound isnt that choppy, Graphical Glitches on the cars, Use Zwrite to fix some of the graphics errors (thx posty_2k3)<br>

Tony Hawk's pro skater 2: Works, bad sound in menu, a few minor glitches, use old gfx (thx Mad boy & ProjectX)<br>

Treasure Strike (J) Works Great. Need to use NTSC Cable type. Only issue is that some menus aren't visible. I think theyre behind the bg, instead of infront =P. All that set aside, the game works ok. (thx CrazyYatta)<br>

Trickstyle: Working, Guru64 can't get the character to move, might be a D-pad/analogue only game though (thx Guru64)<br>

Ultimate Fighting Championship: Works, a few text errors, but runs perfectly and nearly full speed in exibition mode, no sound effects though Pic<br>

Unreal tournament: works, requires a hi-spec machine for decent gameplay (full speed on a athlon64)<br>

Utopia boot disk 1.5: Works, with slight graphics errors (eyes) now seems to support disc swapping <br>

V Rally 2: Works with some graphical problems (dc++ list)<br>

Vampire Chronicles: Works, and should be full speed (Thx lenselijer)<br>

Vigilante 8: Menus are mostly black, but ingame is good! (Thx lenselijer)<br>

Virtua Athlete 2k: Works fine (Thx mad boy & lenselijer)<br>

Virtua Fighter 3: Works, sound repeats itself in the menu, press a button after the sega logo, full speed too (Thx R00ster)<br>

Virtua Tennis: Works, players are now visible, may be slow (thx giu & AbracadabrA)<br>

Virtua Tennis 2 (NOT the echelon rip): Works, graphics are pretty nice with some glitches, Controls now work perfectly (thx drgary)<br>

Virtual On 2: Works, overclock the CPU to 120 percent, Hit + 20 times (Thx dav3)<br>

Virtua Striker 2 Version 2000 (U & J): Works perfectly, apart from a whistle sound which continues ion throughout the game<br>

Wacky Races: Works, you can only see 1/4 of the screen. Graphics errors are reported in 0.1, not sure of the details in 0.2 (thx Grant64)<br>

Whats Shenmue? BETA (J): Works Great. Only issues are in the mini game, where your job is to search for the Prez of SEGA, The issue is that Ryu is see through, and has no eyes, The Explaination potion of the game works fine tho (thx CrazyYatta)<br>

WWF Royal Rumble: No visable graphic errors, almost full speed<br>

XingHong VCD Player: Works, haven't got any VCDS at the moment, so i can't test it<br>

Zero Gunner 2: Works, some menu problemss and texture problems Pic<br>
Zombie Revenge: Works, took a bit longer to load, almost perfect ingame, full speed (Added from Wovou's post)<br>


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