Полная версия: Dreamshell BETA3/BETA4 Direct Swap
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So I am not sure where to put this but I figured here and I would post in the English section as well. I use this OS quite a lot as it allows for me to fool with textures in games without wasting disc, emulation is awesome and since I have it hooked to my PC and it shares the same speakers I just use my VCD dongle and remote as a media center. Really neat stuff from my beloved DC and I will show you just how much I treasure my system by the end of this post.

Anyhow back to the topic at hand. BETA 4 works good for the most part but it did break some compatibility with games that worked on BETA 3. Kinda of something like this that Red Squirrel coded for the PSP the D3-D4 switching applicaiton.

D2-D3 Switcher

Sonic Adventure 1 works great on BETA 3 but no dice on BETA 4 so this would be ever so useful. I am attempting to see if a manual swap with my mouse and keyboard would work but I don't think so by reading the translation but then again google translation sucks.

Anyhow looking forward to anything from you guys as it is great not for emulation and some non-intensive games are very much playable if you work with them. I mean bring down bitrates in video and even mono audio and you will be surprised at what will work. I know we are very limited by the speed of the serial port but we can still get enough done.

Here are a couple quick clips of my baby and thanks for all your work and I hope something like this can be done and if easy enough just please pass it along to me so I can set it up that way please.

And I converted my NTSC-U Sega Sports system to a PAL blue swirl

Nice work!
No need to switch full DremShell, you need only change the loader file - shared/sdiso/sil.bin
Would it be possible to make an app that easily swaps modules without doing manually? And thanks for the sweet app!! I can now rip and hack my own SDISO's from the DC Smile
You can ask someone about it, this is easy app.
I'm currently very busy, if i have more time, i spend it on the new release. Sorry.
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