Полная версия: G1-ATA files?
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Hello everyone,
I would like to build a G1-ATA adapter, are the gerber and the parts numbers public?
If you will use GD-ROM + IDE, then only wires needed.
If you not have GD-ROM, you need active clock generator for CDDA 33.8868 Mhz, or only motherboard from GD-ROM drive.

Hello SWAT

First,thanks for Dreamshell, it's a beautiful piece of code.
Second, You are awesome man.

No Gerber (or every format you want)? It would be really nice to have them , or, are you planning to sell the circuit? I would like to buy one...
Try contact with OzOnE, this man made PCB for G1-ATA adapter.
I'm not selling anything.
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