Полная версия: Just ordered Two single 1MB 44SOP chips
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ST Micro M29F800AT90M1 NOR Flash 512K x 16 44 Pin SOP

Now im not sure if there is a 1MB bios file size or what, but if not then im guessing ill have to wire these two chips "piggy pack" style first then piggy back the chip combo on the native DC SOP...

Not 100% sure if this will be recognized by the bios flasher as one chip though.

I couldnt get my hands on any MX29LV160's or similar, so i opted for ones that are available to me in 1MB format, the data sheet its pin for pin the same with the provided pinouts.

Any suggestions? ideas? let me know thanks Big Grin
You can use 1MB chip, but need custom BIOS firmware for it. In stock BIOS only fonts uses 1MB, so that...
In best case look for alternative chip http://www.dc-swat.ru/page/dreamshell/firmware/ or just buy MX29LV160 for example here http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catI...=MX29LV160
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