Полная версия: [solved] best chipset for bios mod
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Best in that sense, that games will run best.

I'm preparing for future, when DS will totally replace gdrom Smile.

I have pal VA1 dreamcast. But would like to know best chipset and for VA0 model (it uses 5volt line).

I guess i need to choose one from http://www.dc-swat.ru/page/dreamshell/firmware/
but some are not tested, and only *should* work by specification.

Is there any difference between chipsets brands?
Should i get with most memory (4096 KB) or there a no difference between 2048 KB. Maybe 2mb will work faster than 4mb?

i found in internet:
>> 29LV160TMC
>> It's got Multimedia eXtensions. Now you can play POD real smooth!
and it got me thinking, that with some chipsets games will work better.

I guess i will need use ebay to buy. or there a better places?
Forget about speed, it's works identical, because timings for the chip on G1 bus doesn't changed.
And I think it's really no difference in games, because games doesn't use BIOS every time... The maximum some games uses fonts from BIOS, not more.
Solder what you find Smile
Is there any sense to put bigger than 2mb chipset?
No sense, more than 2MB we can't use, because DC doesn't have additional address lines for BIOS chip, as for flashrom.
One really difference it's a speed of chip programming, some chips support "page write" (few bytes per iteration), some only byte per iteration.
But I think there is no need to accelerate the programming process, it is not so common we do.
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