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Friends i need a help.. i lost an important document on how to configure the icons of dreamshell, where in this picture, had details of what it meant each string parameter configuration for certain game running... could you help me?

click="os.execute(string.format('isoldr -a -x 0x8c004000 -e 8 -j 2 -f /ide/games/last_blade2/The_Last_blade2.cdi', os.getenv('PATH')));"

In other words, my doubt is about these parameters: -a -x -e(number) -j(number) -f

Before he had a picture that i have picked up here on the forum, where he had to exemplify each parameter, and legend of these codes. Could someone give this force?
Usage: isoldr options args

-s, --fast       -Fast boot mode (don't show any info on screen)
-i, --verbose    -Show additional info
-a, --dma        -Use DMA transfer if available
-c, --cdda       -Emulate CDDA audio

-e, --async      -Emulate async reading, 0=none default, >0=sectors per frame
-d, --device     -Loader device (sd/ide/cd/dcl/dcio), default auto
-p, --fspart     -Device partition (0-3), default auto
-t, --fstype     -Device filesystem (fat, ext2, raw), default auto
-x, --lmem      -Any valid address for the loader (default auto)
-f, --file       -ISO image file path
-j, --jmp        -Boot mode:
                                0 = from executable (default)
                                1 = from IP.BIN
                                2 = from truncated IP.BIN
-o, --os         -Executable OS:
                                0 = auto (default)
                                1 = KallistiOS
                                2 = KATANA
                                3 = WINCE
-r, --addr       -Executable memory address (default 0xac010000)
-b, --boot       -Executable file name (default from IP.BIN)
--pa1        -Patch address 1
--pa2        -Patch address 2
--pv1        -Patch value 1
--pv2        -Patch value 2
Thank you my dear ! Thank mega volt ! This helped me friend! Best regards to all!
Hi!! I'm a new member !! I have a big question !!
How do I put a different loader in the script. Example 0.7.0 to play soul calibur, but other games I prefer the original version of my dreamshell 0.6.0. The default loader is 0.6, but for some games I need 0.7.0. Is it the -b 0.7.0 command? Please, I need an example. thank you
-d loader_name

loader name without extension

for loader 0.7.0 add option -x 0x8ce00000
(28.04.2020 22:23)megavolt85 писал(а): [ -> ]-d loader_name

loader name without extension

for loader 0.7.0 add option -x 0x8ce00000

Thanks, thanks thankss!!!
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