Полная версия: bleemcast via Dreamshell?
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Hi SWAT and community!
I've noticed that there are many selfboot (bleemed) psx games floating around. Any chance of running these from dreamshell w/o gdrom?
I guess technically it can be possible to implement (maybe require a lot of hard work), but seems like nobody interested in development of this dedicated function.
That's too bad, would love to boot up some tekken 3 with out gdrom attached. One can only hope bleem will get some love in the future.
there are probably better emulators out now, if one is converted / compiled on the DC you should just need a place to put your psx iso's
bleemcast have many protections
I did notice a video from YouTube where someone loaded the bleemcast boot disc via Dreamshell and then started Colin McRae http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cV1FE6kGn1c

I guess he uses the gdrom for the actual game?
Would be awesome if one could "swap" discs inside dreamshell somehow.
it's not commercial bleemcast, it has a bad compatibility and there is no possibility of preservation
Well, as for beta bleem compatibility, there is quite a lot of games that run good enough, "thunder force 5 usa" runs good, and plays even better. Of course there will be many glitches, but i really enjoy thunder force on bleem.
Klonoa is really fun on bleem.
In swat download page, find bleem, mount nrg file, there is good compatibility list (7000 lines txt)

As for how that game was launched, bleem was launched from DS (there is ds_icon version) and then cd was inserted to gd-rom. No other way. And because gd-emu does not support bleem, i guess bleem will never be fully supported on DS.
Japanese Cake elimina todas las protecciones de Bleemcast, el cual ya fue publicado para jugar Playstation en GDEMU, ¿se puede hacerlo para Dreamshell ?
Running BleemShell from Dreamshell would be a very cool feature.
If we have only the beta. It may be cool but not the priority.
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