Полная версия: Dreamcast games working 100% on sd card
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Choose FAT32 and 64KB for cluster size.

[Изображение: 148a6-fat32.png]

Download:Sonic Adventure

Download:Spawn - In the Demon's Hand

Download:Resident Evil Code Veronica

Download: Resident Evil 3 PT-BR

Download: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Console in the American region to run the game.
Download: San Francisco Rush 2049

Download: The Last Blade 2

It's an old thread, but since this statement is reported in many places,

I was wondering if there is any reason for cluster sizes of 64 KB
to be any better than more "classical" cluster sizes of 32 KB.
Could it be related to some kind of internal buffer size ?

Asking as I recently switched my sdcard to 64 KB clusters due to this thread,
and noticed my Dreamcast+Dreamshell system becoming unstable as a timely consequence of this change
(games would crash and reboot the console at random times).
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