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Next Gen Sega Dreamcast controller от Retro Fighters

Цитата:Retro Fighters Next Gen Dreamcast Features:

We wanted to make a new ergonomic controller for one of our favorite consoles of all time, the Sega Dreamcast! We changed some things to make the Dreamcast controller more ergonomic and comfortable in design. The controller features a more modern two handle grip.

The shape of the controller is very comfortable and fits naturally in both hands with easy access to all the buttons.

We added NEW additional shoulder buttons (perfect for fighting games) and triggers, so you can adapt controls according to the game you are playing.

Very responsive and comfortable larger sized D-pad. We also added an ultra fast Turbo function to help get you to the next level!

Full functionality of the Visual Memory Units (VMUs) and Vibration Packs (Jump Packs).

Updated and modern analog stick, comfortable grip and design, not overly sensitive, just the right amount of responsiveness.

No more cords in your way, controller cord no longer goes out the bottom, but now goes out the top.

Sit back and enjoy gaming at a distance with an extra long 10 foot cord!

Featuring original color scheme white/gray color (top white / bottom gray shell)

[Изображение: y1bZdGM.png]

Thhis controller is already done and ready to be preordered, it seems to be ergonomic and a new styled L and R buttons
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