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This wonder is already available. Congratulations DreamShell users. Smile

Is this application for DreamShell?
(11.02.2020 15:04)SWAT писал(а): [ -> ]Is this application for DreamShell?
Yes friend, work under dreamshell, and use Isoloader to load but with a different appearance.
EduardoKmus is not DreamShell app
(19.02.2020 20:50)megavolt85 писал(а): [ -> ]EduardoKmus is not DreamShell app

And what is? I really believed it was created using DreamShell as a base. Sorry for my ignorance bro.
This is a separate kernel with an embedded application
Application for DreamShell consists of klf module and xml file

I'm the author of "RetroDream". This is a standalone application (file manager, iso loader etc..). I did build it from scratch as I wanted full control (I like to do things my way), and also wanted to use my own 2d library (libcross2d).

That said, It does use DreamShell iso loader code, as it's an amazing work, and it would take me ages to get to the point you guys are. I'm very thankful for all the hard work that have been put into it, and for sharing sources, as I do for all my projects.

The source code of RetroDream can be found here: https://github.com/Cpasjuste/retrodream

See you soon,
Hello Friends! Im PaPer_DJ, a Retro Gaming Lover.
I want to thank you all your Good Work and efforts about the RetroDREAM stuff. It works flawlessly.
Of course, big thanks also to all the DreamShell Staff.
cpasjuste, dragoncity, All the resources you made specially for Dreamshell, and now, for RetroDREAM, are awesome.

Im working on this frontend actually, and made a Video Tutorial explaining how to use it totally from external media.

Feel free to share it (or not) as you wish!


cpasjuste Muchas gracias por todo tu trabajo con retrodream. Esperamos que se siga actualizando para que Dreamcast nunca muera.
Probando juegos en RetroDream con Dreamcast NTSC de acuerdo a la lista de compatibilidades...
Testing games in RetroDream with Dreamcast NTSC according to the compatibility list...
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