Полная версия: SD vs HDD Speed Test.
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Probably I'm the last, but I'm still a sd lover, even if I understand and fully agree there will be no update anymore.

Easy to install for a beginner, no need to defragment datas. you can copy games on your sd directly everywhere without cable, all PCs now have a sdcard reader.
And finally the 0.6.6x beta version is very good, and like a cheery on the cake, actually it's the only way to play cdda on games like 4 wheel thunder and suzuki all star racing.

Of course the speed of hdd is like lightening.
Great to see those kind of comparatives. Hard to see that kind of Dreamcast Stuff on YT Wink

Well... It will be wonderfull if can be adapted de 0.7 loader to use it from SD Card reader... Even Just for Crazy Taxi or Crazy Taxi 2, to avoid that kind of stutter and cuts...
Ojalá se pueda adaptar el loader 0.7 para ser utilizado en SD
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