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The Keep Dreaming Project aims to provide the Dreamcast community with an opensource ecosystem for collaborating on electronics and software projects along with tools for gathering and preserving information. The project consists of custom circuit boards for hardware research/development and a hosted software stack for collaboration and preserving information.

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I've been spending a lot of time working on the official documentation lately, I've been converting .doc files, .htm pages, and images into .pdfs and .docx files with proper bookmarks.

I wrote a program called tikatree that goes through a directory and parses metadata from all the files, it also creates a directory tree, file lists, and checksums.

I used tikatree on all the documentation and SDKs I have and used the file lists it creates to make a spreadsheet of almost every single official Sega Dreamcast related file I have.

The spreadsheet lists a little over 38,000 files but I excluded most of the SDK installation files to avoid having even more duplicates. There are a couple of sheets that are already pre-filtered to checkout, one that just lists docs, another shows all the duplicate files, and one shows all of the unique files. I don't have anything that isn't already out there, this is meant to be an easier way to check things out and a quick way to see revisions.

tikatree - GitHub - Pypi
Docs on website bookstack.kairohm.dev (currently outdated)
Docs and SDKs on Google Drive
Excel Spreadsheet on Mega

The processed folder under SDKish means that they've been run through tikatree and they include the files that get installed.
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