Полная версия: DreamShell SMB and other hard/software questions.
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Hi, I own 2 Dreamcasts, third on the way, I have some issues, I think I know what's wrong with one but I need to ask. Smile My first DC has GDEmu so no issues with this one. Second I have has IDE mod (CF adaper soldered), SD mod (adapter soldered) and it doesn't work also I have handmade SD adapter that works and chinesemade adapter, both work but not with this console at all, no matter what I do, if SD is detected DreamShell freezes on logo, I think it's just a bad mod, people who offered hardware modifications didn't do it good. Someone tried to fix it for me but fixed VGA internal mod (yes, present) and IDE mod to better looking CF adapter, in this console I have BIOS mod too, and flashed with SD/HDD loader so I load DS from CF. My questions in general (sorry for chaotic explanations, I'm trying Smile ).

DC with mods related questions:
1. With this fixed DC I have BroadBand adapter, any way to do SMB like with PS2?
2. My good acquaintance offered help but I cannot find SD mod that was made to this console, and person who fixed VGA and HDD mods tried but failed. Desolder and solder other adapter and wires are not a problem for my acquaintance.
3. What SD internal adapter and what trusted scheme to give ? I unscrewed this console and noticed one pin was outside adapter, I gently pushed it on but didn't help, DS doesn't recognize compatible SD cards.
4. Should my acquaintance desolder internal VGA mod? It was fixed well and still works but I have cable for this.

DC I ordered with BIOS mod only:
1. I plan to use this console to play DC games from drive and from SD because I bought it to be a backup maker to SD from my original GDRoms, I wonder to ask my acquaintance to solder HDD mod because having one DC with GDEmu and SD adapters I don't really have use of it unless making backups on HDD is better, I dunno. Big Grin

DC with GDEmu related questions:
1. I had (not anymore) but I wonder if that wasn't just cold solder fault, my PSU had desoldered 12V line and it worked, mod was done simply to make psu not to overheat, but games started to hang console, cut line or cold solders fault?
2. Broadband Adapter, any use with this console with GDEmu?

Again sorry for being chaotic but I tried as good as I was able to explain my problems and what I need. Smile
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