Полная версия: DreamMSX (Emulador MSX para Dreamcast) SD/HDD
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Hi everybody, I am working in making all possible Emulators for Dreamcast work in HDD. I recently got DreamMSX working for SD/HDD and works right both ways. It is not an awesome console, a little bit oldy but is one more emu for our beloved Dreamcast !

I uploaded
1- Cover in 256x256 px (Dreamshell/RetroDream adapted)
2- The Emulator DreamMSX
3- The games have to put them in the folders ROM (here put Games.ROM) and in DISK (here put Games.DISK) respectively.
(You can get them here: https://www.msx.org/es/downloads)
DreamMSX's total list of archives must not surpass around 260 files or the Emu will not boot, so I divided the ROMS in folders from A to Z (take a look) if someone wants to convert it to CDI or ISO must divide the roms in two CDI /ISO images.-
NOTE 2: Pressing L,R comes back to Main MSX menu.-

Hope you like it
Greetings from Argentina.-
Waiting for a pack with ROMs.
I can not upload here the 56Mb file, dont know what happens, so I updated the post with a web of MSX roms
URL ссылки