Полная версия: Dreamshell: A Definitive GDI Compressed Format. Proposal
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I propose a "[CYO-GDI]" (Español) or [CAO-GDI] English as an exclusive identificacion for the best file Compressed and Optimised format for Dreamshell users in the web: A compressed GDI game ready to be played, so we all do not waste time looking for the GDI version that works in Dreamshell having 3 problems solved:
1-Optimisation that many new users will not do (they realize games does not work easily so they donesn't do the mod or sell the console)
2-Space in HDD/SD
3-The game version that works (I realize that many times we have to pass through the wrong dilemas of searching a PAL/NTSC or US/JP and the problem is the game version.

This week I put on my PC several hours in my free times to do the Python/GIT compression of various games in GDI, and at the moment of sharing them is good to identify the extention/format we put them. I guess somebody else already did this compression to save HDD/SD space but is rare there is not too much enthusiasm, maybe because some few games does not work in compressed GDI, but it really worth it

Anyway I propose a new identification format to upload/download the best file version for Dreamshell/RetroDream as [CYO-GDI]

Example: "102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the rescue v1.000 (PAL) [M5).[CYO-GDI]" (100mB)
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