Полная версия: Difficulties converting CDI to GDI (Shenmue Undub: Definitive Edition)
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The newest version of the Shenmue Undub came out on Wednesday and since then I've been attempting to convert it to GDIs in order to use it with DreamShell.

It was distributed as mdf/mds files, so converting those to a working CDI was easy via Alcohol 120% and DiscJuggler. But I cannot get a working GDI from this.

I've tried multiple different approaches to make it work but have come up short every time, and I'm not sure what to do now. I just want to share this undub with everyone else here who might be interested.
Extract undub datas.
Use original disc.gdi, track 01.bin, track02.raw and cdda track04.raw, track05.raw, and original IP.BIN (you can rename the game as .cdi and unzoned it).
Build your gdi with gdi builder.
Don't forget to binhack the 1ST_READ.BIN at 45000 lba.

I'm waiting to french version.
Binhacking 1ST_READ.BIN at 45000 LBA is done by using hack_lba.bat from the iso make pack, right?

I gave those steps a go but it doesn't go any further than the Sega license screen before fading back to the system menu.
Just use cdi and 0.6.x loader. The game contains cdda music so converting it to gdi for 0.7.x has little sense anyway
hack lba convert to 0 lba.
run BINHACK from "DOS" windows.
Or change hack lba.txt 0-> 45000

cdda with shenmue I or 2 crash but it's just Yu susuki and AM2 song during intro.
I tried that, but the GDIs it makes still get stuck at the Sega license.
I've already it for french version of shenmue I (version A before the undub complete I'm waiting).
This is my GDI on shenmuemaster website for shenmue I and II version A, they gave me datas for building it.

If the game crash at SEGA licence it means you have an ip.bin or 1ST_READ.BIN lba issue.

Try to optimise it and run it with 0.7x beta 1 or 3, be sure your disc is defragmented, set without cdda.

As I said in other topic, I'll have a look to it when the french version undub will be release.
I'll build also a 16/9 widescreen version thanks to @Espirral, because with french A version of Shenmue I, data transfert is not perfect and you have some glitches that you don't have in standard PAL version.
Shenmuemaster ask me to build a gdi of shenmue undub.

It's done, hope they'll release it soon.
Here my release :

As I said, I take original shenmue PAL .gdi, track01.bin, track02.raw, track04.raw, track05.raw and ip.bin
And I binhack to 45000lba, the 1ST_READ.BIN from undub version.

The game is still zone you must play it with freezone or pal console.

Enjoy :-)
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