Полная версия: New Dreamcast Emulator for Windows to Be Released at MadriDC
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A good friend of DCEmu UK, Mekanaizer has sent us some news of a major new emulator to hit the Dreamcast and Emulation scene as a whole, heres the details sent to me:

Its name is NullDC it will be presente at the MadriDC party.
The emulator is done by some members of the ICARUS project.

For now the emulator is WIP. And here is it's status:

-A debug console for SH4 and Arm7 (great tool and very well done)
-KOS app run 100% ok and very fast (great compatibility)
-Sound not working (WIP)
-Open source
-BIOS screen emulation

ZeZu and drk||Raziel are the heads on this new baby.

So it looks like finally the Dreamcast Scene can celebrate a great new emulator and for developers an easier way to test any software they are working on.

For those of you who live near Spain and more importantly Madrid, then be sure to check out the official MadriDC Website here --> http://www.dciberia.net/tiki-view_articles.php

Fantastic news

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Да да.И требования у него повыше чанкастовских раза в два....:o
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