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SFA3 Dream Key help - rouken - 28.02.2011 03:32

Ok... Let's start from the beginning.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a amazing game. This version of the game for Dreamcast features an amazing mode called Saikyou Dojo, when you can use a custom character created in the World Tour Mode in the Saikyou Dojo, when you face powerful challengers. But this mode comes with just 3 challengers in the game, and the other 27 challengers the player must connect to the Internet and download the "DLC" to the VMU using the Dream Key comes in the game. But the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Homepage for Dreamcast is gone from a long time, and GameFAQs don't have the saves. But I got all the challengers, and I think it's a waste to have a Dream Key in the game if there's no use for it anymore.

So, I got the idea to create a custom SFA3 disc with all save files and use the DreamKey as bridge to download the files to the VMU. With this, everybody can use one disc for everything. And people don't need to use the DreamShell + a SD adapter, or a Dream Explorer / VMU Tool to do it. In other words, a complete Dreamcast version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 with all contents in the same disc.

The main HTML file was modified and it got a new occult link at the logo, and it leads to a new page with the files to download, as the image bellow:

[Изображение: SFA3DC.jpg]

Almost everything is ready, except for one thing: The Dream Key don't recognises the VMI file as a VMS address, and it can't load the file to send the save to the VMU.

I found this (unofficial) VMU FAQ, and it says the server needs to recognises the file as a Dreamcast file, not the browser, and it must be done using specifics commands in the server. But I'm putting the file in the disc, not in a server.

With this, I come with the question: What I need to do for the Dream Key in the Street Fighter Alpha 3 disc recognises the files correctly?

For now, I already thank anyone can help me.

For some help, I must to say the SFA3 don't run in the nullDC, but if we exchange the names of the 1ST_READ.BIN and 2_DP.BIN to each other, the SFA3's Dream Key can run without start the game. Chankast run the game, but the option to access the browser got disabled in it...

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - SWAT - 28.02.2011 08:30

See how is done in XDP - http://pc.psilocybindreams.com/

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - rouken - 15.03.2011 06:36

Well... Thanx for the suggestion, SWAT, but I do not know if I express my words in the right way.

I don't want to put the saves online. I want to put the saves in the disc to download the saves directly from the disc with no needs to conect the Dreamcast on the Internet to get then. In other words, access the saves offline.

My wish is to make the DreamKey recognises the VMI+MVS files in the disc (offline) as a Dreamcast save hosted in some server (online). If I click in the link I created (and put in the disc) to download the file (offline), I got the following message:

[Изображение: DKeySFA3.jpg]

I uploaded the already modified DreamKey of the Street Fighter Alpha 3 (of course, I ripped the game data. There's only the DreamKey and the extra files I put in the disc). If you or someone take a look and find the answer to my doubt, you can download HERE to test (you can run it using the nullDC).
EDIT: I revised the rip. Now it's smaller, and I already updated the link.

I hope if I can finally put my idea to work with some help...

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - SWAT - 15.03.2011 08:11

You do not understand me.
In the XDP save files are located on the CD and can be saved from the disk to VMU. At least it was before, I do not know as of now.

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - rouken - 15.03.2011 22:48

I don't recognize the XDP is a Dreamcast Tool (I thought it was a Dreamcast saves server). Sorry about my mistake...

Well... It's not what I'm looking for. The XDP works like the Dream Explorer, and what I looking for is to build a Street Fighter Alpha 3 with all contents (including the Grade Recognition Matches files) in the same disc of the game.

Once the DreamKey in the disc is obsolete now, so, I'm trying to recycle the DreamKey to keep the original brower of the game, but with this extra content.

I'll try to find some more information to understand if is possible (or not) to make the DreamKey recognizes the saves in the disc. Thanx for the help, Swat. Any other information you find, tell me, ok? ^_^

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - SWAT - 16.03.2011 07:14

That means you just need to find a old version, in the new version is already added Dream Explorer.

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - SWAT - 16.03.2011 07:36

Hmm, I downloaded the latest version and found someting about what i'm said:

Look it on CD - XDP/DPWWW/VMU/*.HTML
Save files here - XDP/DPWWW/VMU/SAVE

<a href="file:/dpwww/vmu/save/00000001.vmi">Download VMU File</a>

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - rouken - 16.03.2011 19:38

You're being very kind to help me, Swat. ^_^
I tried the HTML code you suggested, but it not worked. :-(

I make some more search in around and I found this post:

Anonymous писал(а):Currently I have many VMU files archived at SegaFans, and since I live in the US, I tested them with the Planetweb browser and they seem to work just fine.

However, I just had someone from the UK ask me why the downloads didn't work in their Dreamkey browser.

So I popped in Chu Chu Rocket to test it out and sure enough, it doesn't work. It just opens the file like a regular text file.

I know with planetweb, you need to link to the VMI and have the VMS file in the same folder. But does anyone know how to set up VMU files so that Dreamkey can download them?

Anonymous писал(а):The Dreamkey browser is more "correct" in that it relies on the MIME-type of the download instead of just the extension. Make sure the browser is saying that the VMI is of type application/x-dreamcast-vms-info and the VMS is of type application/x-dreamcast-vms.

Anonymous писал(а):Thanks for your help. I added those to my .htaccess file and it works perfectly.

In this part of The (unofficial) VMU FAQ says about these "recognize files commands". But, as I said before, the save files are not in a server, but in the disc, and the FAQ said I must add these command lines to make the server recognizes the VMI files as files recognized by the Dreamcast. So, I must put THE DISC to recognizes the files? LOLOLOLOLOL This @#$% of DreamKey is more complicated to work I thought... T_T

(burning eyes) But I will not give up!! I'm Brazilian, and a Brazilian never gives up!!

RE: SFA3 Dream Key help - SWAT - 17.03.2011 09:15

In XDP used DreamPassport not DreamKey. Maybe in DP this works.
Try DP browser BIN file from XDP.