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NTSC-J NTSC-U PAL differences - archimage - 03.01.2017 12:45


Maybe this question have already been answered.

Is there a difference in terms of hardware compatibility with games between these three models ?

Are they equal or are there lists of combatibility ou capabilities that some have and others don't when we're using dreamshell or other custom bios ?

It's a question that I often ask but I get mixed answers, some say NTSC-J is the ultimate, others say that PAL has more compatibility with PAL games...

I just start this thread to have a better understanding on those differences, and to get a console.

I'm looking most of the time for 60hz, but I don't know if it's safe to say japanese console will do better, sometimes I can play PAL games for language reasons.

Thank you for your help Wink

RE: NTSC-J NTSC-U PAL differences - SWAT - 04.01.2017 07:24

Region Changer Mod + BIOS mod can make any console from any console.
So just get best hardware.