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HDDISO Compatibility List - Turbokat - 02.05.2017 04:38

Games I tested under Dreamshell RC4 via HDD.

Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein (U)

Freezes during boss fight with Blistein. Admittedly that's using optimized GDI plus wave files. I will try it with a clean GDI and get back to you.

Vigilante 8 2nd Offense (U)(PAL)(JAP)

Plays fine when CDDA music is removed. The sucky part about this game is the music is almost half the fun.

With CDDA music it froze in different parts. Converted wave files it freezes in Arcade Mode but not Quest. Clean GDI it's the reverse it freezes in Quest not Arcade. Additionally if you go to options to play music it freezes, if you press pause in-game to play the music jukebox it freezes.

Burn! Justice Academy (JAP)

Works beautifully. Just disable DMA. Fully aware the US version works but the Japanese version comes with a special board game used to create a fighter.

Marvel vs. Capcom (JAP)

Works fantastic!

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (JAP)

Same as above.

Guilty Gear X (JAP)

Scratchy music with clean GDI, using wave files it's still a little bit scratchy, unplayable if you want music.

There's my contribution. SWAT if there's anything you need testing-wise let me know. I joined this forum to to seek help, but I also want to help others.