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Nintendo64 Emulator для Dreamcast - Ivan GR - 20.01.2018 20:54

[Изображение: 6b22762be7f0d1cb89889a8458461eef-full.png]

Luiz Nai выложил обновленную версию эмулятора N64 для Dreamcast.

Luiz Nai писал(а):I took the old Nintendo 64 emulator for Dreamcast and compiled it with the most recent KOS version. I also reduced the resolution to 320x240 and created a vmu icon. I got 1.5/2 extra frames. I´m almost sure if someone with more knowledge take it to optimize, we could get at least 15fps on it.

I don´t know if I can go much further, but I´ll keep trying. If someone with more knowledge wants to help me, feel free to contact me!

Скачать эмулятор можно по ссылке ниже.

RE: Nintendo64 Emulator для Dreamcast - Ro Magnus Larsson - 25.06.2020 08:07

I would like that emulator working in Dreamshell!, together with Saturn's Yabause, it is maybe the most waited emulator for DC, what is left to make it work?