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Dreamshell LAN - dragoncity - 25.05.2018 00:05

Hello ! Big Grin

I have a Dreamcast Broadband Adapter (LAN) and I would like to test Dreamshell with Smile

So I downloaded dc-tool.
I created a folder dc_load inside.

With CMD I tested :

dc-tool -i DS_CORE.BIN -c dc-load

[Изображение: dc-tool.png]

But in Iso_Loader PC is always in white...

So what is the good CMD? Smile

Thank you Big Grin

RE: Dreamshell LAN - megavolt85 - 25.05.2018 04:55

boot DS -> open console -> dcloadip

dc-tool -x DS_CORE.BIN -c E:\dc-tool -t <IP Your Dreamcast>

RE: Dreamshell LAN - dragoncity - 25.05.2018 11:23

Ok I created an script in main "dcloadip.dsc"

dc-tool -x DS_CORE.BIN -c dc-load -t

So all it's perfect,but for the moment many game don't launch,I changed memory because SWAT said "you need to place the loader in another address at executing (not 0x8c004000, you can do it on settings page of ISO Loader app), because dc-load and iso loader used one same address by default."


But for the moment..doesn't work ^^

RE: Dreamshell LAN - SWAT - 25.05.2018 13:42

You try boot games from PC over dc-tool? Just forget Smile
You can boot DS and boot games from SD/HDD with debug log over dc-tool, nothing more.
ISO Loader from dc-load doesn't work properly.

RE: Dreamshell LAN - dragoncity - 25.05.2018 13:45

Ho ok ^^ !

It's just for test games who doesn't work ! Smile

So just for the information,yesterday I past 10 games in Green,so compatibility PERFECT !

And it's because I changed TRUE DMA by DMA and SYNC 16,and kinematik don't lag..and the game load faster !! Smile

So the best with DMA it's SYNC 16,and NOT TRUE DMA Smile