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help with dreamshell. - EduardoKmus - 12.10.2019 05:20

Hello friends, I have a doubt ... before it had happened to me with an iso image of soul reaver in Spanish, now it is happening to me with an iso image of phantasy star online v2 (version ives sylverant). The problem is that the game has stopped serving with dreamshell, without even trying it with sdcard or hdd ... formatting or using a clean "DS" folder, for some reason I no longer support the iso I always use. Why does this happen? In case it happened to someone. Greetings and thanks in advance.

RE: help with dreamshell. - fafadou - 13.10.2019 15:42

Try the DS folder here :

If you use the 0.7.x loader be sure your hdd is defragemented correctly, and games only in optimize format.