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SEGA Saturn Controllers PCB - K470r - 08.04.2022 00:19

Greetings to all

At the beginning of the year I had some free time and going through my things I found a schematic for the control logic circuit for SEGA Saturn, the schematic indicates that it was made by H. Kashima, so the credits go to him.

Given the difficulty in Colombia to find Saturn controls at a good price, I said to myself, let's make one with the scheme; so in the company of my Venezuelan friend Gazu.sva.electronic, I set out to create a PCB to achieve it.

So, when the PCB and components arrived from our trusted Chinese supplier, I grabbed a Saturn controller extension cable, an m-brand street fighter controller, and got to work.

Once assembled, it was proven that it works perfectly. I leave you a github link where I easily posted the files and some images of my tests.


[Изображение: photo5166075879145712174.jpg]

[Изображение: photo5166075879145712175.jpg]

[Изображение: photo5172578687265122907.jpg]

[Изображение: photo5172578687265122908.jpg]

[Изображение: photo5166075879145712183.jpg]

[Изображение: photo4918395650740169178.jpg]

[Изображение: photo4918395650740169177.jpg]