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Sata hdd issues, jp 103-5 adapter - shefben - 08.06.2022 22:43

I recently got my dreamcast working with a large 3.5" 500gb hard drive.

I wanted to switch to an (seagate) sata 2.5" 500gb hard drive so i bought a j20330 adaptor
(I have the top adaptor, not the bottom longer one)
[Изображение: ide-sata-slave-master-copier-2.png?w=736...r_hl=en-US]

The dreamcast will not boot from IDE, it freezes at loading retrodream from /ide/
But it does work with the sd card.

With the sd card I can access the list of games and movies on my sata hard drive, but when I go to launch the games it freezes on executing game, after mounting fat partition.

I tried using a 10k resistor between 3.3v and pin 1, I also tried a 400pf cap between pin 1 and 2 on my adaptor.

Neither of those solutions made any difference.

I tried a different brand hard drive (toshiba) and it didnt fix the issue either.

Also: I am using GD-IDE, which is soldered to a gdrom pcb, without the lens or motor
Can someone please help me?

RE: Sata hdd issues, jp 103-5 adapter - fafadou - 10.06.2022 12:58

do you have try an other brand than seagate ?
for me seagate is not good for this mod.

RE: Sata hdd issues, jp 103-5 adapter - shefben - 10.06.2022 18:10

I tried a toshiba 500gb sata hd also, same results.

I also bought a startech ide-sata adapter and the jm020330 adapter, neither of them worked. they freeze at mounting filesystem, if I use an sd card it freezes at the point where it says fatfs 2500mb/3100mb

The only adapter that seems to get furthest is the 103-5 adapter. It freezes at loading ds_core.bin from /ide/. or if I use an sd card, it will freese when trying to mount the game.

RE: Sata hdd issues, jp 103-5 adapter - shefben - 12.07.2022 02:04

fun fact: I figured out that all my issues came down to doing a bad job soldering.
I used the gd-ide pcb, i guess i either didnt use enough solder on some of the vias. After reheating all the solder points everything worked

now all the adapters work (startek, jp 103, a few others)

RE: Sata hdd issues, jp 103-5 adapter - fafadou - 12.07.2022 02:59

Good I'm happy for you Smile