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Emulator megadrive для dc - alex - 13.10.2005 18:22

:)подскажите хороший эмулятор megadrive для дрима который можно скачать с инета
чтобы не тормазил и со звуком :)

Emulator megadrive для dc - DCSLP - 13.10.2005 20:10

Blin, nu est' uzhe takaja tema. prezhde chem sozdavat' temu, nado s pomoschju poiska ubeditsja, net li pohozhej.
naberi v poiske po forumu slovo "megadrive" Tam uzhe opisivalis' emuli, i davalis' ssilki.

Emulator megadrive для dc - Shining_Lord - 30.10.2005 16:15

Ну вообще по идее это последняя версия Genesis Plus...

A SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis emulator for Dreamcast

This is BlackAura's long term project to bring 100% perfect MD/G emulation to the Dreamcast.

GPDC started as a port of Genesis Plus by Charles Mac Donald. It's been in development since 2003 and a lot of progress has been made since then:

BlackAura rewrote the video renderer for the Dreamcast's PowerVR2. StefD of wGens fame joined the project in 2004 to contribute fast and accurate CPU emulators: C68K & CZ80. Those are featured in the Genesis Plus DC Preview v3 that you can download below.

Now with Fox68K's new SH4 Z80 emulator and FAME, a SH4 68K emulator, written only with the Dreamcast in mind, and BlackAura concentrating on the GUI and the sound emulation, the project has reached its final stage. An official release is expected for the end of this year, but until then:

Enjoy the fully functional preview version !

Some Features:

Full speed with sound
.BIN, .SMD and .ZIP support
Free directory browsing
2 player support

GenesisPlusDC PVR Preview v03 Downloads:

http://consolevision.com/members/sbiffy/ [The file is called 'Genplus3_bO.sbi']


Work-In-Progress Discussions:

http://www.dcemulation.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=69331 http://www.dcemulation.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=62701

Helpful links
"How to submit new articles" - FAQ - shows you how to submit and edit new articles on DCS

Emulator megadrive для dc - alex - 30.10.2005 17:14

там написано
Some Features
Full speed with sound
.BIN, .SMD and .ZIP support
Free directory browsing
2 player support
это значит что предется подождать
когда они доведут его до ума:)

Emulator megadrive для dc - Shining_Lord - 30.10.2005 19:03

Ну тогда потенциальный лучший эмуль Mega Drive...