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info about iso loader compatibility and gd ripper
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info about iso loader compatibility and gd ripper
hello everyone, I installed the IDE connector on my dc and it is a wonderful thing, thank you to the people and SWAT for this revolutionary mod.

I need some information for me because unfortunately a lot of things do not work out as hoped, for example:
the gd ripper, as you have to use it properly? I tried to dump many gdrom but none has succeeded well, once you start down the application, or froze, or read only one track and stopped each time it created a folder to 'internal corrupted files, I tried to dump:
sega rally 2 jap
soul calibur jap
sonic adventure pal
and Others...
What else is wrong? What I'm wrong?

another problem is with the ISO loader, many games do not start or go with other graphic problems, there is a general guide to use? how do I figure out what are the correct settings for each game? I did these tests using the images gdrom optimized with the file "optimize_gdi.bat" included in the package iso_make_pack_v2.2, with stock USA bios and LINK83 patched bios:

Cannon Spike ntsc-u = NOT WORK (black screen with tried all offsets)

Ikaruga jap = NOT WORK (black screen with tried all offsets)

zero gunner 2 jap = NOT WORK (black screen with tried all offsets)

radirgy jap = NOT WORK (black screen with tried all offsets)

sega rally 2 jap = NOT WORK (tried all offsets, compare corrupted glitched upside-down image of classic intro "SEGA enterprise" with red background instead White"

other games working prefect or with small problems like gigawing, sonic adventures 2, crazy taxi 1 & 2.

today there is a solution to run those titles?

Thank you all in advance for your support Big Grin
02.08.2014 12:53
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info about iso loader compatibility and gd ripper - Dream88 - 02.08.2014 12:53

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