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info about iso loader compatibility and gd ripper
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RE: info about iso loader compatibility and gd ripper
(06.08.2014 15:29)Dream88 писал(а):  
(03.08.2014 19:49)SWAT писал(а):  Any size of HDD and up to 4 partitions on it.

great! I suppose that the partitions are accessed one at a time right?

All partitions are mounted at startup and can be accessed simultaneously.

(06.08.2014 15:29)Dream88 писал(а):  I wonder also, to set the settings of the current iso loader for dreamshell RC2, and then to avoid the bug of writing, from the PC it is possible to compile a "setup file" for each game installed? such as a text file to be added in the game folder or something like that?

Yes. The "Presets" it's just text files with key=value format. You can see here https://github.com/DC-SWAT/DreamShell/bl...ule.c#L574
The name of the preset as path to the ISO image, just replace "/" to "_".
But you try not to do a lot of them, because in the new version of ISO Loader, I change naming of presets (more universal for sharing), sorry.

[Изображение: barbers.png]
06.08.2014 16:03
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RE: info about iso loader compatibility and gd ripper - SWAT - 06.08.2014 16:03

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