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Pal DC - Garbled image with Jojo and SFA3
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Pal DC - Garbled image with Jojo and SFA3
I'm having some problems running my japanese version of SFZ3 (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as well) on my pal machine. I think it has something to do with the pal-60 Hz mode but I'm not sure.
On my unmodified japanese DC the games run without problems. My modified DC has a Dreamshell boot loader bios and a cf-reader installed.

I made a copy of the gd-rom disc and downloaded a pal copy of the game to test.
When I start the jp game the music can be heard but the image is all garbled. When I run the pal copy in 60Hz the same thing happens. If I run it in 50Hz everything boots up normally.

My Dreamcast is connected to my tv (samsung 40ju7000) via a Marantz SR5011 by using a s-video cable via xrgb mini/hdmi out.
Is there a way to patch my japanese gd-rom image so it works on my modded DC?

I'm not experiencing this issue when I switch (my modded dc has 2 custom bioses) to the japanese_cake 1.032 bios. JC 1.031 has the same issue. The only difference between the 1.031 and 1.032 is the region patch and force 60Hz I think.

Thanks for any advice/help.
14.02.2018 00:10
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Pal DC - Garbled image with Jojo and SFA3 - DeMeester - 14.02.2018 00:10

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