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Japanesse Visual Novels Compactibility List for IDE MOD Dreamshell Retrodream
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RE: Japanesse Visual Novels Compactibility List for IDE MOD Dreamshell Retrodream
I tested some of visual novel game of dreamcast which is wiritten "NO FUNCIONAN" in your Compactibility List.and I found that It is possible for me to play all of visual novel game which I tried in retrodream,excepting for First kiss story2..

Akihabara Dennou Gumi Pata Pies(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 8,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)
Cardcaptor Sakura(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)
Kaen seibo(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 8,CDDA off,Loader 11)
Majo no Ochakai(0x8ce00000,Loader 8,It require VGABOX for my dreamcast)
Marie & Elie no Atelier - Salburg no Renkinjutsushi 1-2(0x8cef8000,DMA on,SYNC True,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)
Moekan(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)
Princess Holiday (IP.BIN(CUT),0x8CE00000,Loader 8 Ir require VGABOX)
Shinseiki Evangelion - Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku(0x8c004000,DMA on,SYNC 8,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader auto)
Wind - A Breath of Heart(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)
Shirotsumesouwa - Episode of the Clovers(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader auto)
Yuki Gatari(0x8c000100,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA on,OS auto,Loader 2)
Super Robot Taisen Alpha(0x8ce00000,DMA off,OS WINCE,Loader 10)
and EVE ZERO,Exodus Guilty Neos(0x8cef8000,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)

Kitahei Gold v1.007 (1999)(Net Village)(JP)(0x8ce00000,Loader 10,not support CDDA,No BGM..)It is impossible for me to play this game with CDDA support in any preset of retrodream..)
SGGG - Segagaga(v1.222,v2.00) (0x8ce00000,DMA on,SYNC 8, CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 10)
Himitsu - Yui ga Ita Natsu v1.003(0x8cff0000,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)
Tamakyuu v1.000 (2003)(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC ture,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 8 It require VGABOX)
Yoshia no Oka De Nekoronde... v1.001(0x8ce00000,DMA off, SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 10)
Konohana 2 - Todokanai Requiem v1.002 (0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 16,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)(It would randomly crash If you frequently push B button)

I have uploaded youtube video which show all of preset of visual novel game I tried.

EDIT:I tested more games which written "BOTEAN PERO NO FUNCIONAN O CON ERRORES" in your Compactibility List.
Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni(0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC True,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)

Inoue Ryouko - Last Scene,
Miss Moonlight,
Pizzicato Polka,
Mei - Puru v1.003

All of above games works in the preset of (0x8cfe8000,DMA on,SYNC 8,CDDA off,OS auto,Loader 11)

Dangerous Toys and Divi Dead is homebrew or unofficial game and I cannot find a way to play homebrew(including Alice's Mom's Rescue) or unofficial game in retrodream..

EDIT: I finally succeed to run Frist Kiss Story2 in retrodream..
(Direct,0x8CB00000,DMA on, SYNC 7, CDDA off, OS auto,Loader 11,14)

But It has three problem which has to be fix in the future..
First problem, It freezed frequently when I press continuously A or B or X or Y button in order to fast skip any character's dialogue So, It is impossible to fast skip any character's dialogue.
And Second Problem is serious.It freezed in particular FMV animation.
I upload my test of Frist Kiss Story2 to youtube
and I also upload savedata to dropbox which I transfered with Vmu manager in dreamshell. if you feel inclined,You can test this savedata which is the same savedata with below youtube video

Third problem is very serious..
there is some point where display blackscreen after FMV animation and cannot make progress anymore..I think It definitely need some update for iso loader in order to continue gameplay.

if you are interested in this blackscreen symptom, You can test it by downloading below dropbox link and select slot 8 of save data of Frist Kiss Story2.
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21.03.2021 14:19
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