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An idea about game image for SDL
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An idea about game image for SDL
Hi SWAT, in current SDL image creating flow, we have to extrace all data of the game, hack LBA of the main BIN file, and create an iso image using mkisofs.exe.

It's a little bit complicated, costing longer time creating the image and, sometimes binhack/dahack would not work properly. Now I have an idea: why not just skip the hacking step, and run game iso with an optional "session 2 start LBA" check box or command line parameter? If so, dumped GD images could be executed directly by SDL without extracting, hacking and re-creating. Maybe it's not applicable for the architecture of Dreamcast, I'm not sure.

Furthermore, why do we have to rename the main BIN file to 1ST_READ.BIN and make an iso? If variable file names are supported, it will be more convenient: we don't need to rename it and modify IP.BIN any longer!

It's easier said than don. I wish they're easy to implement, and won't take you too much time, thanks Smile
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21.11.2010 13:21
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