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[WIP] IsoBrowser DC
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Баг [WIP] IsoBrowser DC
hi there.
first of all: THANKS A TON for DreamShell!
i am using DreamShell to power my (half baked) Dreamcast Arcade Machine. and i wanted a simple 'front end' to launch my isos and emulators easily.
So i tried my best to develop and app for DreamShell to browse folders on my SD card, show the icon.png from each folder and launch a boot.iso from that folder.

It works so far and i am quite happy with it!
it still crashes a lot though!
after about 8 pages the app freezes. it is pretty possible that i just fill up the RAM with all the icons. is it? these are my frst steps with lua and sdl and i got no idea what i am doing (wrong) here Blush. i delete the container containing all buttons on every page refresh, recreate it and add the new buttons/icons. maybe there is a better way to accomplish that?
i attached the app. can you guys take a look at it and point me to the right direction here? i'd really appreciate your help!

.zip  isobrowser_alpha.zip (Размер: 219.76 Кб / Загрузок: 60)
04.09.2011 15:39
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