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Playing gamecube backups ISOs on Wii?
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Playing gamecube backups ISOs on Wii?
Hey all,
I have backup files of my gamecube games in ISO form...I'd like to be able to play them on my Wii.
Some original discs have become scratched and what not over the years and freeze up. the backups will be better. I have a few questions:
1. My Wii is Homebrewed. Is there a way to play Gamecube ISOs from a USB or a SD card? I would need to know every app necessary and all details etc.
2. If not, I would like to burn my backups to DVDs. So this question is a multiparter:
a. What type of DVDs do i need? is dual layered DVD-Rs good or do i need Mini-DVD-R or what?
b. Can I burn more than one game to a single DVD, then be able to choose which game I want to boot when I load it into the Wii? Or do i need an individual DVD per game?
c. My Wii is newly homebrewed and I have system menu 4.3 U. I tried downloading the app DVDx but there was some sort of error when trying to install it. I read somewhere that 4.3 U wiis don't need to download DVDx, is this true? I have an old wii so i know that i do not have the issue of newer wii's disc drives being physically unable to read dvds. In general, this part of the question is, what do i need to do to get my wii to play DVDs?
d. Is there anything else i need to know when burning the dvds, as far as special programs to use for burning or special details for the burning process, or if i need any other homebrew app in the wii to launch the games from there, etc. I'm completely new at this and need all the info and details i can get.

And btw, my homebrewed wii has no hardware modification, solely softmod. and i DO own legal copies of the gamecube ISOs i have.
Thanks for the help in advanced!


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