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Neo4all Selfboot Pack /Thank you GROUP DREAM ON!!!
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Neo4all Selfboot Pack /Thank you GROUP DREAM ON!!!

****** Result for Image / Page 1 ******
Dream on
best for Dreamcast On the net ",
Neo geo cd selfboot Tutorial
By Supreme Shadow and Team

****** Result for Image / Page 2 ******
1- Extract the items of the exe that accompanies this tutorial in the
2- Download the game of your interest of Neogeo cd (iso + mp3), made
this extracts the contents of the iso into the folder using the
winrar (folder created after extracting the files from the program) and
copy the files from the NE04ALL RC3 folder to the c. \ data \ folder.
Inside the folder you should now have a
neogeo cd + emulator files (taken from the folder
ne04all rc3).
3- Once done, execute the file Create_lum.bat
Create_lmage.bat). a new file will appear in c: when the
process ends (c: \ data.iso)
4- Copy the iso data.iso) to folder 1 and the
keep in that folder.
Now let's go to the music, Copy all the mp3's from the game
NeoGeoCD to mp3_to_wav folder (C: \ mp3_to_wav \), and let
rename the tracks by following the example
Last Blade - Track 02.mp3 track02.mp3, get it c /
all mp3.
Open this file with the Notepad (MP3 To
Wav.bat), and edit the lines by following the example up to
stay right c / o on tracks
mp3 that has the game that you are using. After editing,
save and play MP3 To Wav.bat, wait for the conversion of
all mp3 and copy all music (already converted, wav)
for pasta 1
6. Run segacuemaker.exe and when prompted for the cue name
give the name of ml. (the cue must necessarily have that name)
Once this is done, create the file Create_lum.bat
Create_lummage.bat) Wait to finish the conversion and you will see the file
image.cdi in the image.cdi folder)
Record the image and have fun in your dreamcast

****** Result for Image / Page 3 ******
The scheme does not work with all games. Last blade is a
example, when trying to do selfboot the dreamcast restarts.
Kof 97 gets overburn when doing this scheme, but simply activates the
option in beauty program.
Samurai shodown 3 does not work with this version of the emulator (so
like others) but with an older version, in this case
redo the same process using the Ist_read.bin of the running version
the game instead of using the Ist_read.bin from the Ne04all Rc3 folder (vc
you must use the other files in the Ne04all Rc3 folder, only the
Ist_read.bin should be changed)
Any doubts will be available, as will all members of the

Download: https://mega.nz/#!C7I2ACIA!gMI3HOF3__Pl1...ly2L40ztv8

mp3 to wav: Nero 7: https://mega.nz/#!nyQECSLS!CYrBU_w9-COmR...XHq6hgmvsQ
17.06.2019 04:55
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RE: Neo4all Selfboot Pack /Thank you GROUP DREAM ON!!!
Is it for IDE HDD ?
20.06.2020 07:02
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