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Dreamshell + SD card Serial Adapter
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Dreamshell + SD card Serial Adapter
I am technical-adjacent; time absent.

I purchased a SD card serial adapter; one of those open-source V2 models with both the microSD and SD.

I do not want to run retail Dreamcast games on it.

I do not have a GDEMU, I have no interest in this for my buildout. GDROM, region free bios, Pixel DCHDMI, might grab a Dreamport - but still using the good ol' laser and backup stock for the foreseeable future.

I know about VMU save swaps, and I look forward to Chris' VM2 making this use-case null.

I do, however, want to do cool things with with this SD serial adapter tool.

So now what...

1) Are there ready made emulators I can run? Ideally, I would like to use it as a Genesis/Saturn/NeoGeo EMU. Having a tough time finding anything of relevance here.

2) Is there a way to use it to auto-connect to PSO server, but then play PSO via GDROM? Perfect world - skip disc swap.

3) What else is Dreamshell good for? Fun midi controllers or the like?

4) What about use as a tool for Pop-N/DDR?

Honestly, any and all suggestions of how to best make my $20 the most useful $20 possible would be appreciated.

Crosspost DC-Talk: https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/vie...42&t=16826
01.09.2023 19:30
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