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Is it possible to patch WinCE game in order to force 60hz mode?
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Is it possible to patch WinCE game in order to force 60hz mode?
I found that I can play sakura wars3,4 or other game such as princess holiday,Majo no Ochakai, Tamakyuu ,which is only able to run with 0.7.x_OPT-Only_noCDDA (beta 1), in my 60Hz CRT TV.
There is no flickering screen anymore.Smile
The solution is to make use of Pal_patcher 2.0a.
This application is convenient. it supports both of BIN MODE2 / 2352 and ISO MODE1 / 2048. you only have to select search button and wait until It finish to search process.If it display anything then select these text with your mouse and select patch button. In most case, It really patch last track to force 60hz mode.So It is possible to run it with with 0.7.x_OPT-Only_noCDDA (beta 1), in 60Hz CRT TV without flickering screen.

But I also noticed that Pal_patcher 2.0a cannot detect any Pal protection If It search last track of WinCE game or extracted 0WINCEOS.BIN.
Is there any way of patching WinCE game in order to force 60hz mode?
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