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SD Card Dreamcast: How it stayed internally!
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RE: SD Card Dreamcast: How it stayed internally!
Hi. Don't know if it's the right place to put my question, I have a very similar microSD adaptor (to not say equal), and I think it have some kind of problem.

When it's inserted in the console, and power on, I get no signal on TV, just see a low light of the led in the adaptor, and the Dreamcast looks it's working normal, but without TV signal. (this problems occurs even without card)

To boot in Dreamshell I have to power on the console without the mSD adaptor, and when it starts loading the booting Dreamshell Disc I insert the adaptor and if it's done in the very beggining the SD card is recognized and works ok...

This is not normal, can someone lead me for a possible solution?
03.08.2018 19:47
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RE: SD Card Dreamcast: How it stayed internally! - toze3 - 03.08.2018 19:47

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