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Trouble booting from ssd
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RE: Trouble booting from ssd
(09.09.2020 18:36)ArturRGT писал(а):  Hello again. This is the second system i modded. The first one works perfectly. This one is giving me some trouble. Everytime i put the boot loader disk in the cd drive it gives me this screen, which i know is not normal:
[Изображение: 8NTS4xB.jpg]

Sometimes it gives this same screen but without the weird dots. And sometimes it boots into dreamshell and allows me to play normally! I would say it boots me into dreamshell in about 1 in 10 times. Otherwise it goes to a black screen after showing this.

This is my current setup:
[Изображение: ALsYELK.jpg]

Does anyone know the issue or have seen this before?
Thank you! Use an 80-way ide cable that solves this problem.
10.09.2020 00:56
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