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Dreamshell PAL results in a pushed down image
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Dreamshell PAL results in a pushed down image

At first thanks for the great effort with Dreamshell and other related things.

Recently, I received a PAL DreamCast as part of a videogame contest award, and I modded the console with a SD adapter that works pretty well.

But my Cathode Ray TV only supports 50 Hz, 60 Hz cause severe image vibration; PAL Games recorder into CD´s shows well, but Dreamshell in PAL mode shows the image extremely pushed down, and when I start a PAL iso game from SD, the game continues showing the image pushed down.

There is some way or workaround to push the image in the correct place for PAL TV?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards

06.01.2013 16:21
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RE: Dreamshell PAL results in a pushed down image
Hello. It's a bug in RC 1.

[Изображение: barbers.png]
09.01.2013 07:56
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