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[MOD]Replace the rechargeable factory Battery with Non-Rechargeable Battery CR2032
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Хорошо [MOD]Replace the rechargeable factory Battery with Non-Rechargeable Battery CR2032
Replace the rechargeable factory Battery with Non-Rechargeable Battery CR2032

I should mention that I tested this modification that I did for a while so this tested and is fully functional, wanted to make a Guide MOD but sometimes takes longer to write everything to be explained, i will try to be specific.. Tongue

The main idea of ​​the guide is to describe how to replace the rechargeable battery that is factory installed on the Dreamcast with a common non-rechargeable battery .. some to conclude that this is not possible in principle that the two technologies are different and are not supported in any way, non-rechargeable batteries can not be recharged, but here is where the trick there is a very small and simple modficacion that will allow us to install non-rechargeable dry batteries.

You need to describe both non-rechargeable and rechargeable technologies, first rechargeable battery that amount manufactured in Dreamcast is the model ML2032 3 volts (3.6v also exist) are technology Lithium/Manganese Dioxide These batteries despite being an industrial design made to have high durability over time as usual tend to degrade which undermines its ability to load and hold the load, the latter is what causes that we should constantly adjust the date and hour . Most come with pin for installation but also available over the pins to be placed in a holder Socket .. cons are more expensive and do not get easily sometimes only online, and in the case of DC must renew desoldering and soldering the new battery.

[Изображение: litio%20diosido%20manganeso_zps2qv8r42u.png]

[Изображение: 100-New-font-b-Maxell-b-font-ML2032-3V-R...tj5mde.jpg]

Advantages of batteries CR2032 on the non-rechargeable ML2032:
- Low cost.
- Disponibiliadad are easy to acquire do not have to buy online.
- Installed in a battery holder they are easy to replace when they run out ..

Required Materials and Tools:

1) Socket Vertical battery holder "2032" can be purchased at electronics stores, online, or hopefully can be removed from some old PC motherboards that used the vertical holder (I kick an old motherboard)
[Изображение: 2015-Good-Quality-Black-Vertical-CR2032-...opmjb8.jpg]

Here's a link to buy online:

2) Rectifier Diode Shotky SB260ES preferably this is the one that works best in this mod, but if it fails you can also use a rectifier diode IN4007, but adelente explain in more detail the two options .. (LED shotki I kick a sony-ericsson charger)

Datasheet SB260ES:
[Изображение: sku_159920_3_zpsg6la8nbv.jpg]

3) Pencil type soldering, welding and soldering paste.

4) Insulating Termofit (Optional)

General Description and Procedure

A non-rechargeable battery can not be recharged that can explode. this is not something known to all, this guide is on the DC battery that keeps the clock running DC but this battery to be rechargeable it tends to lose carrying capacity and when in poor condition must constantly be adjusting the clock even sometimes in each inception of the battery and damaged consola..la fails to hold a charge or load capacity is already greatly reduced so it is discharged very quickly and basically keeps the clock running long ..

General description of modification, is based on block the load current coming from the Dreamcast towards non-rechargeable battery this is achieved through the rectifier diode type shotky which will act as a stop battery current pass 3 volts pass towards the dreamcast but at the same diode charging current coming from the Dreamcast is blocked. Anyone who knows anything about electronics knows that a rectifier diode its main function is described let current pass in one direction but blocks it in the opposite direction therefore called rectifiers rectify the current flow in one direction, that is this driving there is only one condition that must be met and which must exceed a minimum voltage in the case of silicon diodes is 0.7 volts and if germanium diodes is 0.3 volts, in this case the diode shotky that is used as silicon but also there will be a kind shotky voltage drop but very low after the diode on the order of 0.25 volts I made measurements with the voltmeter and the voltage goes integral shotky I was 3.10 volts while the diode after using the diode IN4007 most common fall is old enough I measured 2.83 volts after the diode so that is why it is better to use the diode shotcky in PREFERENCES, but both diodes do their job ..

On that charge current also take measurements with the new non-rechargeable battery and the Dremcast lit measure the load current to see if this came to the battery and the voltmeter gave me exactly the same value 3.10 volts DC or being pinned off, this is something that has not happened before with the rechargeable battery in that case at the poles of the battery voltage from 1.5V ascended off at 3 volts DC with lit .. good as I explained this is how this funciana, there is no danger that this diode according to their parameters can drive up to 2 amps of current and under the conditions that we are using is a negligible current of the order of milliamps so you could say that the diode is going to break when hens sing opera and so it is clear that the non-rechargeable battery can not be damaged under any circumstances as the charging current has been completely blocked and except for the energy consumption watch DC is the only thing left KO drums with long as any non-rechargeable battery.

Note: * Schottky diode also called fast recovery diodes or hot carriers, are made of silicon and characterized by having a very small drop in direct voltage, of the order of 0.25 V or less, and very fast. They are used in power supplies, digital systems and high frequency equipment.

I do a recomendacione for those without much experience welding, it is advisable to let the soldering iron reaches its operating temperature good cautin should melt almost instantly welding in 1-2 seconds so once molten solder should never be applied heat more than necessary about 3 seconds so as to prevent excess heat off the copper tracks of the pcb is very common error when learning to weld heat is applied in excess and the tracks are flying this is something that only be learned through experience so you better take it into account.

Components desoldering is true that there desoldering extracting tin to so release the component, but when you do not have this desoldering can be used a trick with the same result on soldering (soldering iron) to the welding derritir and warms 1 or 2 seconds the solder melts almost instantly and simultaneously is blown with plastic tube of a pen or some straw this causes tin deretido settles flying and leave the clean weld area so it is done in the three-pin , careful not to burn your face care.

Remove the battery by removing the 3 spot welds, as I mentioned before and immediately melt the solder so left clean blow to the connections welding.
[Изображение: 16012016027_zpsqy5sst9a.jpg]

Now to dislodge the resistance when the legs are bent like the picture first welding and melted is heated with a screwdriver straighten the legs it seems to do simultaneously push pins and melt the solder but it is wrong sometimes this off the Piast circuit board, or you can do as if the battery is blown on the welds and then straighten the legs and the part is removed.
[Изображение: 16012016033_zpsnjl0nvdb.jpg]

In the next photo parts removed and the left and right the new ones are installed.
[Изображение: 16012016039_zpswdmhq2yp.jpg]

[Изображение: 28012016124_zpswhd3nlf9.jpg]

[Изображение: 28012016131_zps2wae5ygk.jpg]

[Изображение: 28012016134_zpslh8i29d0.jpg]

[Изображение: 28012016137_zpsyai9tkkd.jpg]

[Изображение: 28012016141_zpsf93tt9mx.jpg]

[Изображение: 28012016142_zpsvv58xsbu.jpg]

GREETINGS AND DO NOT FORGET ... KEEP DREAMING [Изображение: net_thumbsup_1454634014_248381.gif]

More links to tutorials and photos:

[Tutorial] Change internal battery Dreamcast


[Изображение: DSC_0841.jpg]

[Изображение: 600px-Dreamcast_Cambio_de_Pila_01.jpg]

[Изображение: 600px-Dreamcast_Cambio_de_Pila_12.jpg]

WORK IN PROGRESS PLEASE LEAVE WORK .... [Изображение: flamethrower_zpsqj5qqiqr.gif]
19.02.2016 14:41
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RE: [MOD]Replace the rechargeable factory Battery with Non-Rechargeable
Nice guide. Smile

I also have been using this procedure for years, it works really perfectly, better than the original actually.

Just a note, there is no need to keep the R1 resistor, because it's there for limiting the current when a rechargeable battery is in charge process. Since you are not using the charge circuit anymore you can just put the diode in place of resistor.

[Изображение: DSC03296_zpsakjbwfux.jpg]

I use this same mod for the original Xbox as well.
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19.02.2016 19:11
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