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FIX Dreamshell
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dragoncity Не на форуме

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Баг FIX Dreamshell
Here are the little things that could be improved for Dreamshell, some I think are possible to be fixed quickly Smile

1 - Add in Preset the "loader device"

In the preset,we can save all config..except "loader device",can you fix that?
And not with shorcut please... Smile

[Изображение: loader.png]

2 - Fix GdPlay
A lot of backup don't boot,maybe a problem with "selfboot"..or I don't know...but the best now it's to use only the dreamshell BIOS,and when a game doesn't work use backup with GdPlay ! Smile
This app is just perfect..but this problem with backup who doesn't work it's boring.. Angel

I hope SWAT and Megavolt can fix that,there is other thing but I know already the answer...next release.. Blush

Thanks in adance !!! Smile

Dreamcast GD-IDE
Dreamcast G1-ATA
Dreamcast New-Bios
OS Dreamshell

>> Compatibility List Dreamshell RC4 By DragonCity <<
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24.06.2018 14:06
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RE: FIX Dreamshell
Hello! I’m new here, and new to Dreamcast modification as well. Perhaps I will have a different but good perspective.

[Изображение: attachment.php?aid=744]

First of all, thank you for making Dreamshell. I sent my Dreamcast to some one who is experienced in modifying them. I received a dual bios and compact flash mod. It’s awesome. Thank you again.

[Изображение: attachment.php?aid=745]

[Изображение: attachment.php?aid=746]

Overscan. Dreamcast was made to work with television sets. CRT televisions have overscan, unlike crt monitors with underscan or fixed pixel displays. It would be awesome if Dreamshell utilized the title safe area. Honestly, the bottom bar on operating system could be eliminated if pages could be navigated by controls such as the left and right triggers. Space icons appropriately. Could add dots indicating pages like iOS.

Navigating iso loader list view is difficult with weird scrolling. Capturing the d-pad with some sort of smooth scrolling would be better.

Perhaps icons representing serial port, gdrom, and ide would be better than the labels. I am using compact flash via ide, not a hard disk drive. Not sure what the PC option is. Is it even necessary to select a drive? Should it just select the drive Dreamshell booted from automatically?

Please take this as constructive criticism. I only post because I think Dreamshell is awesome. I would like to contribute in any way I can, but must familiarize myself first. Thank you.

.jpeg  4267FC1C-51C7-42B1-9708-CB01BA4BE684.jpeg (Размер: 372.62 Кб / Загрузок: 70)
.jpeg  B59EB8C5-1874-4A44-98EE-2D17D1BC01C0.jpeg (Размер: 260.58 Кб / Загрузок: 67)
.png  9DCA0B4C-3D0E-40FF-B45E-FEB6FDE276FF.png (Размер: 354.69 Кб / Загрузок: 69)
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27.06.2018 04:10
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