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Let's Mod a Sega Dreamcast - DCHDMI and GDEMU - 1080P HDMI video out of Dreamcast
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Let's Mod a Sega Dreamcast - DCHDMI and GDEMU - 1080P HDMI video out of Dreamcast
Цитата:Today we are going to mod out this Dreamcast with some of the best mods on the market, the DCHDMI and GDEMU! I was so impressed with the mods, I brought in DatGameCollector to help me discuss the mods and provide some additional commentary on the video comparison between DCHDMI and other solutions out there! This is on modding episode you dont want to miss!

We also take a look and do a full video comparison between the DCHDMI vs composite vs Toro upscaled to the framemeister

The DCHDMI offers:

The DCHDMI outputs native digital HDMI video and audio. It can output 480p and interger scaled 960p. 1080p is also supported (960p with borders) for pixel perfect presentation with the correct aspect ratio. Scanlines, In Game Reset, and WiFi Updates, to name a few things!

Dreamcast HKT-3030 with GDEMU and BBA HIT-0400
Dreamcast HKT-3000 with Bios Mod and G1-ATA Mod
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RE: Let's Mod a Sega Dreamcast - DCHDMI and GDEMU - 1080P HDMI video out of Dreamcast
I think should compare DCHDMI vs VGA Smile
Because VGA vs Composite looks like DCHDMI vs Composite...

[Изображение: barbers.png]
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20.03.2019 09:51
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