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Need help Skies of arcadia uncensored version please
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Need help Skies of arcadia uncensored version please

In order to polish the Skies of arcadia uncensored version with vga patch from japanese_cake. I have a last issue with the music of intro still for 50Hz...
We have to adjust the music speed for matching with 60Hz.

the problem with the audios of this game is that it has the channels mixed in a single channel (it is like a small treatment-mute in the audio, since the same samples are repeated 2 times until the end of the audio).

I found that program, it handles skies of arcadia .P04 files, passes these dual channel adcpm to wav, but we need someone to compile it.


I don't know if you know someone who can do it ? Please

I don't know after that if wav2adcpm.exe convert wav to this type of adcpm ?

Thank you very much for your help :-)

[EDIT] : the best way would to patch the 1ST_READ.BIN, but here too, I don't know where I would have to patch either...
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04.11.2021 13:23
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