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Homebrew Games won't boot after CF card format
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Homebrew Games won't boot after CF card format
Hello again, I've recently encountered another problem - I've reformatted the CF card I'm using with Dreamshell and now ISOLoader refuses to boot any of my Homebrew titles (the ones that use the SWAT productions loader apparently)

I did not have any of these problems with that particular card before I reformatted everything - what I did was I created a new MBR partition table and now only the retail games will load.

I can only guess that the problem is the new partition table - I've tried several different flash card formatting utilities but none will solve the problem - everything works fine from SD card tho - it's really weird.

Can anyone recommend me a utility for partitioning my CF card properly with DreamShell?
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19.07.2017 13:56
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Homebrew Games won't boot after CF card format - thedoctor45 - 19.07.2017 13:56

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