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An idea about game image for SDL
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RE: An idea about game image for SDL
(21.11.2010 20:04)SWAT писал(а):  Hi.
I do not understand why you're talking about SDL... It's just a library and does not apply to launch games. The launch of games involved DreamShell, precisely one of its commands.
Boot.bin name is taken from ip.bin. You can change it to any, if you so desire.
About LBA, I think that can be done.

Oh well, I'm just blending these conceptions together... Here I refer to SDL as "DreamShell + SDL", the software/firmware system coded by you Smile

As to the name of boot.bin, there're some issues: for certain games which has a special boot file name, the boot file has to be renamed to 1ST_READ.BIN, and IP.BIN need modification accordingly, such as "Star Wars Episode I" and "Mars Matrix" reported by TuxTheWise. I also carefully verified the "Mars Matrix" image without renaming the boot file to 1ST_READ.BIN and kept IP.BIN unchanged, then DreamShell reported an error in a Linux-like screen. That's why TuxTheWise wrote special notes for them, "You need to rename 00MMXDC.BIN to 1ST_READ.BIN and change your IP.BIN for it".

What's more, some other game doesn't need boot file renaming, i.e. Super Robot's War. No matter renamimg the 0WINCEOS.BIN to 1ST_READ.BIN or not, this game is not bootable. You can see DreamShell loading the 0WINCEOS.BIN/1ST_READ.BIN, then Dreamcast jump back to the memory management screen. This is different from Mars Matrix I mentioned before, it won't be stucked in the Linux-like screen, it just goes further. (BTW, this game is my first motivation to test SDL, I want to play my GD rip in this way. But I've been trying every method for more than a week and still failed to boot it. Maybe WINCE games are cursed... Sad )
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21.11.2010 21:08
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