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DreamShell 4.0 RC 1 SDISO Game Compatibility List
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DreamShell 4.0 RC 1 SDISO Game Compatibility List
From what I know plays 100%. Feel free to add on. This list is of games that run with 100% speed, have audio and mostly have all music (which doesn't skip). Basically perfect running sdiso games that work with this version of dreamshell for the awesome dreamcast. Is there a mod chip that has this o/s on it ? I'm tired of using my dreamshell cd-r, as my gd-rom is starting to die, which is why I wanted this sd stuff anyway.

FF Apocalypse BOR
GG SMS Emulator SD
Iron Clad - Neo Geo
KOF97 - Neo Geo
Last Blade - Neo Geo
League Bowling - Neo Geo
Metal Slug - Neo Geo
Nam1975 - Neo Geo
Namco Museum Collection
Ninja Commando - Neo Geo
Robo Army - Neo Geo
Wolfenstein DC

[Изображение: DC-SD_Adapter_002.jpg]
[Изображение: 7956599_sa.jpg;canvasHeight=140;canvasWidth=105]


[Изображение: 51Zu%2BQwOoJL._SY300_.jpg]

I found sandisk 1 to 8gb, class 2 or 4, cards seem to work best. Format to fat32, then add sdiso you know work onto sd.
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25.01.2014 11:30
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RE: DreamShell 4.0 RC 1 SDISO Game Compatibility List
I'm pretty sure you're supposed to post this into this thread.

By, the way, I'm having the same issue with a failing GD drive. Anyone know where I can get a good BIOS mod done? I would like to install the DS bootloader to the BIOS, so I don't need a boot CD.

[Изображение: rom.png]
08.02.2014 22:00
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RE: DreamShell 4.0 RC 1 SDISO Game Compatibility List
It is possible but not without inconveniences for now.
Move your posts to http://www.dc-swat.ru/forum/thread-1329-page-5.html and I close this thread.
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09.02.2014 09:52
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