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Sega replaced GD-ROMs in it's Arcade solutions
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Sega replaced GD-ROMs in it's Arcade solutions
I do not even know it does that message matter. Anyway I'm Dreamshell's enthusiast and I hope this message will be helpful for community purposes. Last time I went back to Arcades and I found breaking news for me. Sega recently released a Compact Flash device compatible with Naomi 1 & 2 / Triforce (Type 3) and Chihiro (Type 3). Naomi is HW which in some cases is really close to Dreamcast. Maybe cheap way to replace our GD-ROM drives is at hand? Could you check that? Below I publish sources of my knowledge:


This maybe interesting, especially when is meant something about netbooting!
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21.05.2014 00:13
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RE: Sega replaced GD-ROMs in it's Arcade solutions
its useless for Dreamcast, Naomi DIMM board works in different way.
simply speaking DIMM board itself is kind of GD-ROM/Cart replacement device, like GD-Emu, so its not really matters from what device it reads data to internal memory, GD or CF.
21.05.2014 01:46
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