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Dreamshell Boot Loader and VMU manager
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Dreamshell Boot Loader and VMU manager
Good Day to all dreamcast lovers out there.

I am using Dreamshell 4.0 RC4 on a Japanese Dreamcast with IDE / SD / VGA / reset button mod.

I noticed that some games only work on ISO LOADER 0.6.0 other games work better in ISO LOADER 0.6.6.
Have not tried using ISO LOADER 0.7.x yet, since I read in the relevant threat that it only supports optimized GDI's.

I have an issue with the boot loader, to explain:

I have put Dreamshell 4.0 RC4 with ISO loader 0.6.6 on my SD card

I have put Dreamshell 4.0 RC4 with ISO loader 0.6.0 on my IDE drive

Noticed that my Dreamcast is always booting from SD, there is no VMU save for Dreamshell on any of the connected VMU's.

When I reset Dreamshell and access the boat loader by pressing START I can choose between IDE and SD. But even when I select IDE it still boots from SD.

I can boot the IDE drive fine when I disconnect the SD card before boot.

My questions are
1) How is it possible that I cannot boot from IDE with SD connected?
2) If I want to open app VMU manager, my Dreamcast is stuck on loading screen. have waited 30+ minutes but it is not starting. This is happening from both SD and IDE. Have tried multiple versions from VMU Manager app I found on the internet.
I have an SD Ultimate Pack and an IDE pack both contain a VMU manager that gets stuck opening on loading screen. I have also tried both versions from here

Regarding the loading screen. I have also noticed that when I close any Dreamshell app like ISO LOADER of FILE Manager, it also gets stuck on loading screen.
trying to pinpoint what is causing this but haven't had luck yet.

Thank you and greetings from Holland!
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18.07.2019 19:55
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RE: Dreamshell Boot Loader and VMU manager
In Boot Loader menu you select only DS_CORE.BIN. At executing it loading resorces from first available device and this is a SD card.
You can change root path in Settings app. And if you have the same DS_CORE.BIN on both devices it's not necessary to use bootloader menu.

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20.07.2019 13:02
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