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The BORDER DOWN issue (half screen NTSC?). Help
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The BORDER DOWN issue (half screen NTSC?). Help
I am having the problem with Border Down in HDD IDE: I have a NTSC Dreamcast and I tested many versions of the games v1.000 and v2.000 (which never enters the boot screen) Only a v1.000 version works with the screen downed (a PAL game?) the others in CDI or ISO does not boot or appears a "Now loading" eternal screen.
Presets I tried are:
1-Default, standard
2-8xCE00000, no DMA, no CDDA
3- with DMA/true async, no CDDA,

All in CDI, in ISO but mainly in GDI OPT and in the best caseif it starts is only with the screen half down like a Pal 50hz, can I do anything to correct this issue? Is there a working GDI NTSC version out there?
29.08.2020 04:05
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