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Another question about ripping!
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Another question about ripping!
Ok so i've mainly focused on ripping copied games as it seemed easier to do it all on computer, but now ive tried my first GD-ROM and I am so confused. Its trickstyle (PAL is it matters) and ive ended up with 19 files, I understand the first 2, then number 3 is the big (600mb) data track, named something like track3.iso, followed by audio files, but then the last track is also data, named track19.iso (or whatever, it was done with Dreamshell, it was named something like that) and there was no errors. So my question is now what? Smile

I have read about cue sheets is this what I need? My computer cant read either ISO file, track19 is only 60mb so I figure track3 is the main game data that I want (my ultimate goal is to make it run from SD) I figure the problem is that track3 isnt meant to be used on its own, so if i'm right about this then how do I fix it? Do I rename it as a bin file and use dahack or binhack?

Also about those 2 programs, they are meant to do the same thing yeah? but ive read the some games wont work if you use the wrong one, can someone explain or do I just have to try and see? Smile

I have successfully ripped code veronica, because I saw it definitly worked so figured it was a good test, and it worked, so I do know roughly what I'm doing (I made my SD adaptor Tongue ) and I will upload any new games I can get working to the FTP server so please help!
31.01.2011 11:27
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RE: Another question about ripping!
Use Gdi2Data from iso_make pack.

[Изображение: barbers.png]
01.02.2011 08:04
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Anthony817 Не на форуме

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RE: Another question about ripping!
So we can do this faster on our PC with CDI images?
01.02.2011 09:29
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